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Sentrion Controls Co., Ltd. is a joint venture manufacturing company located in Shunde, China. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, coupled with experienced design engineering and quality controls makes Sentrion the quality choice in pressure controls and sensors.

Our mission is to provide customers with achievable solutions related to product design and modifications to meet their customized applications, extend the highest quality of service at all times, while maintaining our price competitiveness.

As part of our commitment to customer demands, we offer a variety of services, including OEM stocking programs, customized packing, and private label programs.

Our manufacturing facility is clean and organized with documented work station instructions throughout all segments of the manufacturing process. We are ISO9001:2000 qualified.

With advanced and semi-automated technology platforms, our current annual production volume is 1.5 million pieces, with resources available to increase production up to 3 million pieces in 2005.

Our core products include automatic reset pressure controls, manual reset pressure controls, fan cycle switches & vacuum regulating switches.

These controls are suitable for residential and commercial air-conditioning, refrigeration & heat pump applications. Sentrion controls are used in special applications including recovery and recycle equipments, and a variety of automotive applications.

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