Three phase motor protectors, phase loss/phase reversal protectors, and delay timers suitable for residential and commercial A/C applications.

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3 Phase Motor Protector (.pdf)
The 450 model is fully programmable, has 0.1 - 10 min. adjustable delay on break timer, and 25 - fault memory storage.
190 - 630 VAC, 50/60 Hz

3 Phase Motor Protector (.pdf)
The 400 model is a lower cost, knob-adjustable version of the 450, with built in anti-short cycle protection.
190-630 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Phase Loss/Phase Reversal Protection (.pdf)
3 phase protection for single side. Monitors for phase loss, phase reversal, unbalance % as function of input voltage.

Complete protection for semi-hermetic compressors. Identifies system / compressor problems, including refrigerant floodback.

Delay Timers (.pdf)
DELAY ON MAKE TIMER. Ideal for compressor staging, delaying the startup of motors and other devices.
DELAY ON BREAK TIMER. Helps protect compressors from damage caused by rapid short cycling.

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